Tuesday, August 12, 2008

she made me do it

So, here is my VERY first 'BLOG'.. EVER, and maybe my last, haha.
I love my husband, my house and my dogs, but I hate that we are alllll the way down here in S.A.! I miss my best friend (the 'she' in 'she made me do it', DESIREE) and her most wonderful daughter, in my world, my niece, Miss Madison!

Other than that, I work part time at work and full time at home. Or at least I used to work full time at home until I got on the pills ;)- I want a baby more than I can say and hopefully I will have one so that I may post pics of him/her. Until then, here are my two baby girls.

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Desiree said...

my daughter is WONDERFUL! she is the best, thanks Aunt Amy